Welcome to My College Dentist®

Welcome to My College Dentist®. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for checking out our site!

Now, please allow us to introduce ourselves: we are My College Dentist®  and our #1 priority is to target the college-aged population and connect them to dentists located around their campus who are willing to provide deals– eliminating any excuses that may be standing in their way of pristine oral health! Whether that be cost, time, distance, or even just not knowing where to begin, MyCollegeDentist.com seeks to bridge the gap between the college student and their local dentists.

It’s no secret that the college-aged population is stigmatized with a variety of health concerns due to the stereotypically unhealthy lifestyle associated with campus life. By the same token, the college student demographic, typically classified as ages 18 to 24, is often overlooked when oral health professionals are targeting preventive education.

Most students are on their own for the first time in their lives and lose track of prioritizing health care, especially with how expensive it can be. The increase in alcohol consumption and sexual activity, along with the decrease in free time or resources to maintain proper nutrition, and an inadequate sleep cycle spells trouble for still-developing bodies. The college environment makes it too easy to neglect one’s well-being.

Unfortunately, because of those factors, there is a documented trend of declining oral health in the college-aged demographic. (Image Via The Berry)

According to an incredible article from Dentistry iQ that details the importance of reaching out to the college students: “[W]hile that demographic is not typically at the top of your marketing list, there are many benefits to developing new ways to serve them! By specifically targeting those in the 18-24 age range, you are not only making it possible to expand your own business, but you are helping to save lives and pushing a movement for oral hygiene amongst the younger generations!”

You can check out the full article here: http://bit.ly/2euOkSv

Another benefit to using our services is that each appointment booked through our site will provide a dental hygiene kit for an underprivileged youth

For every college student that requests a dental appointment through MyCollegeDentist.com and arrives on time, ONE dental hygiene kit will be donated and for every dentist that registers for a membership on MyCollegeDentist.com, FIVE dental hygiene kits will be donated to children in need!

My College Dentist® wants to provide all types of college students with the ability to easily find local dentists near their campus who are willing to provide student deals for quality dental care, all while helping our fellow dentists nationwide expand their businesses!