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Most of these college students are living away from home for the first time and need an easy way to access local dental care at an affordable price. My College Dentist® helps your dental practice easily connect to potentially thousands of local college students seeking dental care in their new community!

*National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
Thousands of students currently attend the college(s) near your office and most of them don’t have a local dentist to take care of their routine oral health. Once you claim ownership of your membership profile, My College Dentist® takes care of all the marketing to your local college students!
A reported 67% of U.S. college students (~ 13,735,000) have at least one oral disease. It is very likely that the students coming to your office are going to need more treatment beyond the routine hygiene cleaning. Currently, many schools do not provide any dental services through their campus health department and we believe that may be strongly contributing to the oral health crisis amongst college students nationwide. Our goal is to help you get these college patients into your dental chair for at least a cleaning and most importantly, a thorough examination.
According to dentists who have properly charted and calculated their new patient values, the average new patient value is approximately $1,200! Also, don't forget to add the value from all of the possible college friends your new student patient can quickly refer to you on social media and word of mouth around campus! With an average new patient value of approximately $1,200, gaining just 1 new college student patient could possibly pay for the next 3 years of your membership on My College Dentist®!
The average dental practice loses approximately 15 - 20% of their patients every year. That doesn't have to be an issue for dentists located near a college campus any more. Thousands of newly enrolled students move away from home to attend school every semester and are in need of a new local dentist at an affordable price. My College Dentist® will inform all of the new students every semester that your dental practice is offering exclusive dental discounts near their campus!
Through our scholarship program, we are promoting reliability and accountability. We want to encourage students to follow through and show up on time for their appointments. Every time a student uses My College Dentist to book an appointment AND shows up on time, they are entered to win the MCD Scholarship that is awarded EACH SEMESTER.
A top complaint that doctors have in using third-party online scheduling programs is that it makes it easier for people to schedule appointments for the sole purpose of attaining prescription medication for “pain”, or even just not showing up. Every time an appointment is booked, that precious and valuable period of time is set aside for that specific patient. By not showing up, you are taking away an opportunity from someone who may really need the appointment AND you are taking away the opportunity for that practice to earn money for their time. Please be courteous and respect the cancellation policies of each practice you plan to frequent.
According to Sesame Communications, 74% of patients reported that online access makes them more likely to stay with their dentist routinely. The majority of college students are on the internet for most of their day and would rather book a quick appointment online than over the phone. Not only is this convenient for both of you but it also helps to free up your front office phone time to book traditional patients. My College Dentist® lets students send a direct message to your office email with their weekly availability to request an appointment. Your office can then easily schedule the next available time that works best for the both of you!
Due to different class schedules, many students are available for appointment times that may be difficult to fill with standard working patients. My College Dentist® provides the opportunity for you to post on your profile any appointment times you usually have available during the week, so students can quickly check their open schedule and send you an appointment request!
Some similar sites advertise a low monthly payment, then hit you with an immense “one time startup fee”. We don’t believe in that. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we are in this business to benefit BOTH sides of the transaction. We want to see your practices flourish and we want to be a contributing factor in the growth. Charging additional, unnecessary fees contradict that philosophy. We give you the first month absolutely FREE to ensure you like what you’ll be paying for, and we have crunched the numbers to ensure we only charge the absolute minimum that will allow us to continue updating our website and its features to make our users’ experience the best possible!
We want to give you a chance to grow your practice, connect with your local college community, and try MCD absolutely RISK-FREE! As we said above, we know that MCD might not work for every practice and we don’t want you to be stuck paying for a service that does you no good. After all, we are committed to helping dentists nationwide expand their businesses! That’s why we are giving away the first month of your membership for FREE! Auto-pay for the monthly subscription will begin after the 30-day trial period unless you cancel online BEFORE the next month begins.
Unlike many other big name discount directory websites, My College Dentist® DOES NOT control the student discounts you offer or the fees you charge. This ensures you are able to have full control of your treatment fees and offer whatever discount suits your practice.
My College Dentist® DOES NOT require you to pay a percentage of the treatment services you provide for your patients (other sites commonly charge 50%). This ensures you keep all of the profits from your hard work. We want to reward you for serving our college students at a fair price!
Connect your dental practice by utilizing a convenient online resource. This is more appealing to the college-age demographic rather than spending $1,000’s on traditional methods such as postcards, which are difficult to reach the college community. You can start promoting your practice to potentially thousands of local college students right now! 
Most college students want to do everything online these days, even find their new dentist. Approximately 80% of Internet users in the United States search online for health-related information, 44% of them are specifically looking for a health-care provider, and the top three search results on Google receive over 60% of all search traffic users! Having a dental practice membership profile on will allow potentially thousands of college students to easily discover you online, while helping to increase the chances of your main website being ranked in the top three results on Google!
A recent report from Hitwise found that 68% of all health-related searches are conducted on a mobile device. Students are able to quickly search for your practice and request a dental appointment from the convenience of their smartphone, tablet, or desktop! Apple & Android Apps Coming Soon!
A portion of every dentist membership fee will be donated each month to the Smile PROUD scholarship fund. These scholarships will be rewarded every semester to student who have put in the extra effort to take better care of their oral health by using to schedule their appointment with you (Students must arrive on time to qualify). You can automatically help our future generations afford their college education by simply joining the My College Dentist® Team!
My College Dentist® wants to also help improve the oral health of children in NEED!

1 Dentist Membership = 10 Dental Kits for Children in NEED

Visit the Charity for Kids page to learn more and help donate. was built on the importance of convenience and simplicity for you to connect your dental practice to local college students. Once you have claimed ownership of your profile, My College Dentist®  gives you the ability to easily edit your entire profile in order to promote the best details of your practice.
The protection of your private information is a top priority for My College Dentist®. That's why we decided to pay the extra transaction fee to use Paypal in order to process all of our payments. Paypal is the most secure and respected online payment company available. After making sure to secure all payment information as best as possible, we decided to add more protection to all of the website information through utilizing some of the best website security, server hosting, and email delivery companies available to help keep everyone safe.
While we don’t write fake reviews to bolster practices, we moderate the student-written reviews to ensure they are professional and respectful. We will not tolerate rude, vulgar, or inappropriate comments from student patients. [This does not mean they can’t leave a poor review if they were dissatisfied with the provided services; they just need to be written in a respectful manner]
The protection of your private information is a top priority for My College Dentist®. That's why we decided to pay the extra transaction fee to use Paypal in order to process all of our payments. Paypal is the most secure and respected online payment company available. After making sure to secure all payment information as best as possible, we decided to add more protection to all of the website information through utilizing some of the best website security, server hosting, and email delivery companies available to help keep everyone safe.
You are not locked in! We understand that My College Dentist® might not be suitable for all practices and locations, and we don’t want to make you feel stuck! If you try MCD and decide it is not for you, you can cancel easily online for the next month! We know how much it sucks to have to call a customer service line to cancel a subscription.


Help Our Future Hard-working Generations Succeed

You already know how important a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile can be in everyday life, especially in the professional world. One of our major goals is to help give hard-working students the best chance to succeed in their career by improving the health and appearance of their smiles; but we need your help!

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