Frequently Asked Questions About MCD

Student FAQs

YES! My College Dentist understands the financial struggle of being a college student and it’s our mission to at least get you in for routine cleanings to keep your smile healthy. That’s why MCD promises to ALWAYS be free for actively enrolled college students to use in order to easily find a local dentist without even creating an account! All you need is your college ID or transcript for verification at your dentist’s office to receive your student dental deals!
No! All you have to do is call the office or send an appointment request from the dentist profile. Make sure to mention that you found the office on and that you are interested in the deals that are posted. At My College Dentist, our goal is to eliminate ANY roadblocks that may deter you from seeing the dentist, so we want this to be quick and painless! Your lives are too busy to deal with the details of creating an account! However, if you’d like to sign up for our e-mail list to be notified of the latest updates and deals posted, we have a section at the bottom of each page where you can enter your name and email. That is not mandatory.
No way! We are actively reaching out to dentists of all specialties. We want to eliminate the oral health crisis affecting college students and we couldn’t do it without the dental specialists. On MCD, you can find deals on all types of dental treatments. Whatever your dental concern is, MCD is here to help save you money and time!
That is ultimately up to the dentist, but we advise that they keep these deals going on for each patient as long as they are actively enrolled in higher education! This helps both the patient and the doctor to establish a loyal trusting relationship. We want you to save money, but we also want you to find your long term dentist for the best care possible!
The most efficient and prefered way of scheduling is still picking up the phone and calling. We know that there are some people out there who would rather handle everything via email, even if the response isn’t as instant as a phone call. That’s why we have the option for you to send an appointment request to the dentist you’ve chosen from there profile. Both ways will get you in contact with the office to get your appointment scheduled. ***DO NOT FORGET, you must inform the dental office that you found them on and that you would like to use one of their deals listed for your appointment.
Reach out to us via the contact form below! Let us know the school you attend and the city it is in, or the city in which you are trying to seek care. We will find dentists near you and reach out to them for you! You can help us get your city on the map!
We allow dentists to post a bio about themselves so you can know a little about them before you choose. We also have a section where students can rate and review the dentist they visited. This ensures that you can relate to the experience. What might be a pleasant experience for a 40 year old mother of 4 could be an unpleasant experience for a 20 year old college student. While we don’t alter any reviews, we only allow respectfully honest written reviews to be posted. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be negative reviews! All we ask is that you keep it respectful and professional.
We welcome all students of higher education to use our services! Doesn't matter if you are at a university, junior college, vocational school, trade school, graduate school, or any other higher education institution. We are aimed at helping ALL actively enrolled college students, all you need is a college ID or transcript to verify your enrolled status for when you visit your dentist!
YES! We want to make it as easy and convenient as possible to get you into the dental chair. We realized that a lot of students go away for college but they go back home for holidays and breaks. Your hometown might not have a college nearby and we don’t want that to stop you from getting a great deal on dental care. Our mission is to partner with all kinds of dentists in the many big cities and small towns across America. We believe that convenience and affordability should be available to all, even if you aren’t from a major metropolitan area!
Yes! We have worked diligently on creating a mobile-friendly site to cater to our college-aged demographic. We know that while you may not bring your laptop everywhere with you, you don’t leave the house without your cell phone. Thanks to our mobile-friendly site, you can find discounts and book appointments from anywhere!
NO. We are simply a platform that works to connect college students and dentists. We do not offer any dental services.


Dentist FAQs

While other sites have broad reach, they don’t target a niche market, let alone one that is in desperate need of dental treatment. Dentists that join My College Dentist® are being marketed directly towards college students. The college age population of 20+ million students is severely underserved. By providing dental deals that can be used more than once, you will be more likely to build a loyal relationship with your new found student patients, rather than constantly booking bargain hunters that hop around from one deal to the next. For more reasons why dentists should be using MCD, click below!
Absolutely. We provide the fields for information that we feel are the most vital for prospective patients, but we allow you to control the information and photos you provide in order to make it more personable.
No! We give you free range on the discounts you wish to provide, whether that is 1% off or 99% off. You know your practice and how it runs, which is why we don’t step in and tell you how to price your procedures. We do advise, however, that you understand the demographic being targeted and provide dental deals accordingly for the best results.
Yes you can, but please be aware that you MUST properly record the discounted price that was charged when it comes to filing the insurance claim. If you do not enter in the discounted rate, you can be charged with filing a fraudulent claim at the discretion of your insurance contracts. My College Dentist® is not liable for any issues with insurance claims that stem from providing discounts. If you have any additional questions or you are unsure of if what you are doing is legal, contact your attorney OR the insurance company you are working with to ensure compliance.
Absolutely NOT. We believe that is truly what sets us apart from other discount sites. We are trying to help dental practices fill out their schedules and expand their businesses. We want to incentivize the entire process on both ends, not just on the consumer’s end of the deal. Every appointment you book through My College Dentist® is your own profit and your opportunity to establish a relationship with your new patient.
Rather than charge a percentage of each sale or appointment, we charge an affordable monthly membership fee in order to market your practice effectively to local college students and keep your dental practice profile listed on our website for local students to easily find. Membership fees also help ensure to keep the website operating at optimal speed and security. However, all dentists receive their first month of usage for FREE with NO CONTRACTS!
Of course! We want to make it as easy and convenient as possible to get students into the dental chair. We realized that a lot of students go away for college, meaning they go back home for holidays and summer break. Your hometown might not have a college nearby and we don’t want that to stop students from getting a great deal on dental care. We want to incentivize dental care in order to get more students interested in maintaining good oral health! Our mission is to partner with as many dentists as possible in big cities and small towns across America. We believe that convenience and affordability should be available to all, even if you aren’t from a major metropolitan area!
As of right now, no. We are working on a way to incorporate online booking as we speak. But for now, we think it is easiest for all if we simply provide the platform to connect local students with your practice and provide your contact information. Until we have it down perfectly, we’d prefer to not make your office learn a new system or mess up your scheduling protocol. We do suggest that students have the option to e-mail your practice if they prefer to not call, though it is not required. Remember, this is the first tech-savvy generation and it will only become more advanced in terms of what technology is being used for as time goes on.
NEVER! We do not believe in locking you into something that may not work for you. User satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and if MCD isn’t working for you, we don’t want you feeling stuck (however, we’d love feedback to improve the experience!) All of our membership options are on a month-to-month basis, allowing you to easily cancel whenever. We also make the cancellation process simple and online--No phone calls involved. We hate when you have to call a customer service line to cancel services and they continue to try to sell you on things. While we’d hate to see you go, we understand that My College Dentist® might not be for everyone and you need to do what’s best for your business.


If you can’t find your answer above, please feel free to contact us here and we’ll be happy to assist you!