Healthier Smiles for Children

My College Dentist®  will donate dental hygiene kits to children in NEED with the help of our users!

According to the American Institute for Research and the National Center for Family Homelessness, the homelessness rate among children has reached a historic high. It has been found that approximately 1 in 30 children is homeless — that’s 2.5 million homeless children in the United States alone! These children are in dire NEED of basic essential healthcare supplies especially for proper care of their oral health.  

My College Dentist® is motivated to making this world a healthier and happier place for everyone! Our main focus is to improve college students smiles by connecting them with local dentists, but
we believe it’s important for every child to have the tools necessary to take care of their smiles.

Every time a student shows up for their appointment, My College Dentist® will donate a dental kit in their name to a child in NEED!

Help a child in need just by using today!