About My College Dentist®

The idea to build My College Dentist® came from a desire to help improve the oral health epidemic amongst college students. It all began in 2013 with one pre-dental student who had moved away from home to complete his undergraduate degree in Business.


After experiencing the unhealthy lifestyle of a college student (and a few new cavities of his own), our founder discovered how unhealthy the habits and living situations were to the college population. As he became more invested in learning about the importance of dentistry and dental related business, he realized that there were MILLIONS of students NOT going to the dentist routinely if at all, during their college years! 


Through years of more research and preparation while attending dental school, MyCollegeDentist.com was finally built! We have learned that dental marketing tends to focus primarily on family households, but does not consider the amount of young adults who move away each year to attend college.


MyCollegeDentist.com is a new tool to help all dentists easily connect with more students near their practice that need treatment. By making it easier for students to visit a local dentist, we are hoping to improve the oral health of college students while helping dentists grow their practice through a steady flow of potential new patients enrolling every semester!


Our #1 priority is to improve the oral health of college students nationwide by eliminating any excuses that may be standing in their way of visiting the dentist. Whether that be cost, time, distance, forgetting, or even just not knowing where to search, we seek to bridge the current gap between students and dentists.


Most students are living on their own for the first time and can lose track of prioritizing health care, especially with how expensive it can be without insurance. Unfortunately, many of the stereotypical college lifestyle factors such as: poor diets, inadequate sleep schedules, and possible alcohol consumption, are contributing to a documented trend of declining oral health within this particular demographic. 


My College Dentist® aims to provide students with the ability to easily find local dentists near their campus who are willing to provide student deals for quality dental care — all while helping our fellow dentists expand their businesses with new patients!


In an article from Dentistry IQ, they discuss how crucial it is to begin targeting college students for this very reason:

“While that demographic is not typically at the top of your marketing list, there are many benefits to developing new ways to serve them! By specifically targeting those in the 18-24 yr. age range, you are not only making it possible to expand your own business, but you are helping to save lives and pushing a movement for oral hygiene amongst the younger generations!”

You can check out the full article here: http://bit.ly/2euOkSv


Just think– young adults of the college age are the next round of leaders and contributing members of society. We want to instill in these students the importance of maintaining their oral health and how it coincides with whole body wellness. We firmly believe that by building awareness for this underserved group, we can make an impact that will be improving lives for generations to come!


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